The Baltic Sea offers diverse opportunities for swimming

The Baltic sea is home to various swimming locations, routes and sites for swimming and open water swimming, whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

Sheltered bays attract people enjoying their summer holiday to take a dip and feel refreshed. More experienced swimmers can find suitably long routes by swimming around islands. If you are looking for more freedom, you can also go open water swimming.

Swimming allows you to experience nature and life beneath and above the surface of the Baltic Sea with all your senses.

Remember to keep safety in mind when outside official beaches

The condition of the beach and the quality of water are monitored at official beaches in the Baltic Sea, and they are safe places to swim. If you want to go outside official beaches or cover a longer distance, you need to possess good skills and prepare yourself properly.

 The waves crash on the sandy shore on a sunny summer's day.
The clear water calls for a dip.

Open water swimming is ideal for skilled and adventurous swimmers

Open water swimming does not require any specific gear, while a cap and goggles are recommended. A cap prevents heat from leaving your body, and goggles help you to see aquatic plants and animals better.

As the water is usually cool, you need a wet suit to swim farther and longer.

A swim buoy is a must for open water swimming. It is a brightly coloured float that can be seen from a distance and easily follows the swimmer.

Proper planning and route selection are important

If you go open water swimming, you need to have good navigation skills and be able to change your breathing rhythm according to waves and to calm yourself if you face unexpected situations. A smart swimmer never swims alone, but with a friend or a group, or asks a family member to canoe by their side.

It is important to plan the route based on your condition and safety. Proper planning is vital, as it is difficult to estimate distances while you are swimming.

The safest route travels close to the shore and far from navigation channels. In addition, a good route is sufficiently short considering your condition and the prevailing weather and temperature conditions.

A swimmer is like an inhabitant of the sea

Island hopping, or swimming from one island to the next and exploring different islets, is amazing fun! Popular swimrun contests involves swimming short distances in open water and running from one swim stage to the next on land. 

 A smooth rocky shore in the middle of a clear blue sea.
What might be found on the next shore?

Open water swimming is a natural activity full of new experiences, where the beautiful rocky beaches, forests of bladder wracks and flocks of seabirds will leave an unforgettable imprint in the swimmer’s mind. Seeing birds and fish up close beneath the surface is a wonderful adventure, and many swimmers dream of seeing a grey seal or a Baltic seal.

In addition to the magnificent nature, the Baltic Sea offers cultural sites that can also be visited by swimming. Or, if you are looking for something extreme, you can always take a dip in the Baltic Sea in winter. Winter swimming spots can be found in all parts of the coast and the archipelago.