Outdoor activities on the Baltic coastline – visit the islands or take a canoe trip?

Swimsuit, rubber boots, canoe, fishing rod, sailing boat, backpack or ordinary slippers? There is plenty to do on the sea, no matter the weather or the level of your gear.

Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a landlubber who has just heard the call of the sea, the Finnish coast offers various ways to enjoy nature and spend time at sea. Go on an adventure in the maze of the archipelago, take a rest in its sheltered coves or go sailing on the open seas. The most passionate people dive underneath the waves to greet the various animals living in the Baltic Sea. 

Outdoor activities combine physical and psychological wellbeing. After a day at the office, what could be better than putting your body to the test and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature? Choose your adventure and fall in love with the Baltic Sea!  

 Two women laughing around a campfire.
What could be better than enjoying a campfire on a bright summer night?