Cottages provide a way to spend time in nature

Cottages are an integral part of Finnish holidays. People travel to their cottages for a weekend or spend their whole summer holidays there. Cottages are a perfect place to spend time with family and friends. Finnish cottages can be small hideouts in the woods or located near seashore or by a lake. For many, going to the sauna and swimming are essential parts of cottage culture.

Many also use their cottages year-round. Summer is the time for berry-picking and autumn for mushroom hunting. In winter, activities include cross-country skiing and ice fishing while spring is the time to watch birds migrate northward.   

 Two people sitting on a pier and gazing out to the open sea.
The sound of waves can wash your stress away.

Going back to the roots

The Finnish cottage culture started in the 1960s as a result of urbanisation. People had moved from the countryside to the cities in droves and these people longed for peace and quiet to counterbalance the fast-paced city life.  

The first cottages were often very simple. They were built on cheap plots by remote lakes and in the archipelago and rarely had any water or electricity. People moved their old furniture and things they no longer needed to their cottages. The most important thing was the peace of nature and the earthy lifestyle familiar to many since childhood.  

 The light of the setting sun gilds the wall of an old building.
The sun is already setting.

Modern cottages have various uses

Nowadays, there are as many ways to enjoy cottages as there are people going to them. Some still appreciate asceticism and a withdrawal from technology. Others consider their cottage to be a home away from home where they can spend time year-round. The level of furnishing of modern cottages vary according to the needs of their owners, ranging from luxury cabins to practical and barren huts. 

 A lake can be seen from a veranda. Flowers and a bath whisk can be seen on a bench.
Even a modern cottage is located among nature.

Relaxation and pottering around

The most popular cottage activities can be roughly divided into two categories: relaxation and pottering around. People relax by lying in a hammock, reading, observing nature, fishing, going to the sauna and enjoying food and the company of others. Common activities include chopping firewood, building a terrace, working in the garden, cooking and fixing the boat.  

Life is simpler at the cottage. Everyone can enjoy life at the cottage in their own way without pressure.

 A group of people relaxing around a campfire.
Together around a campfire.

The Åland Islands offer a broad range of cottages

Buying your own cottage in the Åland Islands may be a complicated process if you are not originally from the Åland Islands, but a broad range of rental cabins are available, both on the main island and on various smaller islands. You can choose from a quiet wilderness cabin, a cottage in a lively holiday village or even a cottage on your very own island. 

Cottages can be rented for a few days, several weeks or even for your entire holiday. Most cottages are located by the sea and are equipped with a boat, a pier and a sauna. In the archipelago, cottages offer opportunities to swim in the sea, visit historical islands by boat and enjoy picturesque sunsets.   

In summer, cottages in the Åland Islands are popular family holiday destinations. In autumn, winter and spring, they are holiday homes to people who enjoy fishing and hiking. 

Remember to book your cottage in good time! For summer months from Midsummer to mid-August, most cottages have already been booked many months beforehand.