Undersea treasures and ghost nets that still catch organisms all by themselves

Can any treasures be found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea? Could there be reefs even in such cold waters? What are ghost nets? Marine scientists answer these and many other questions in articles that provide fascinating details about the nature and underwater life of the Baltic Sea.

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The protection of habitat types is reflected in the survival of an individual species and of the ecosystem as a whole

Below the surface, you will find a wide variety of landscapes, all with their uniquely special features and functions. Classifying landscapes helps to assess and predict the state of the environment, as well as the environmental factors affecting it.

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Key species and key habitat types drive the Baltic Sea

Key species and key habitats mean species and species communities that have a broad impact on the functioning of their habitat and the ecosystem services provided by an area.

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In the food webs of the Baltic Sea, energy is transferred from plankton to the apex predators

Food webs describe how energy flows from one level of the food web to another in an ecosystem. In other words, who eats whom or who eats what and how much.

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The Baltic Sea – is a wonderful future a thing of the past?

There are no clear solutions to improve the state of the Baltic Sea. Environmental, economic and political considerations contribute to the problem. Thus, even if the direction seems to be improving, it is difficult to accurately predict the future of the Baltic Sea. We place our hopes on an increased environmental awareness, as well as a change in our values.

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The VELMU programme puts a spotlight on the treasures of the seas

For many Finns, encountering different species becomes a more tangible experience during a trip to the forest. There are trees, birds, shrubs, and other plants. These species are easy to observe because we also live in the same element, on the surface of the earth.

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The assessment of marine biodiversity consists of many components

Biodiversity loss is an even more serious threat to the environment than climate change.

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The Baltic Sea – a treasure trove for underwater cultural heritage

The dark, cold, and gloomy Baltic Sea – could it be a treasure house for anyone? Yes, it could! Globally speaking, the Baltic Sea can be considered a treasury of underwater cultural heritage, as well as an underwater museum.

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Shipwrecks as artificial reefs

The first images that come to mind when thinking about reefs are the multicoloured coral reefs of the tropics. Are there any reefs in the Baltic Sea? What is an artificial reef?

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Ghost nets are harmful to the environment

Nets and fishing gear lost or discarded in the sea are known as ghost nets. Sometimes they get caught on underwater obstacles or they tear and disappear completely. They cause harm to nature, the national economy, and to cultural heritage.