The Åland Environmental and Health Protection Authority (ÅMHM) Laboratory

The Åland Laboratory for environmental and health protection is located in Jomala, Åland. The laboratory analyses water, food, and soil samples on behalf of authorities, businesses, and individuals.

The laboratory is accredited to carry out approximately 50 microbiological and chemical methods. A list of laboratory analyses can be found at laboratory web pages. 

The laboratory carries out field sampling as required by the EU Water Framework Directive on behalf of the Provincial Government of Åland. In the laboratory, samples are analysed for physicochemical parameters, as well as chlorophyll-a, benthic animals, and algae.

In the field, weather conditions are recorded, and water samples are analysed for temperature, visual depth, salinity, conductivity, oxygen concentration, and weather conditions at each sampling site.

The results are reported to the Åland Provincial Government, which uses the data in its own investigations and then reports them to the European Union. Some results are reported directly from the laboratory to the national HERTTA database. This database is a service which provides information on water resources, surface water status, groundwater, species, environmental pressures and land use, and environmental spatial data stored in environmental management information systems.